About Basiq, our Australian CDR data provider

PocketSmith offers CDR feeds in Australia via Basiq, who are an Accredited Data Recipient. Over 120 banks are available right now in the feed search in PocketSmith.

This document highlights points of note about Basiq and open banking feeds.

Currently Available Banks

At the moment, all available banks via Basiq have feeds which are available to search and add from within PocketSmith, a total of 120 banks in Australia. We've also kept traditional Yodlee bank feeds available alongside Basiq feeds as well, in case you strike issues with the Basiq feed.

Delays for new accounts appearing

We've been informed that it might take up to 24 hours for new accounts opened at your bank to appear in CDR open banking feeds, due to the systems that newly opened accounts need to be passed through at most banks in order to appear available for sharing.

Once new accounts are ready to be shared, you can send them over to PocketSmith by to the manage feeds page > three dot menu on the feed > Authorize > Recreate feed button. This will reestablish your CDR agreement with the bank, and any new accounts should be made available for you to share.

Joint Accounts for Non-Major Banks

Prior to October 1, 2022, most non-major banks didn't fully support sharing joint accounts under the CDR. Now that this deadline has passed, our expectation is that all banks should now support joint account sharing, and that is reflected in the feedback we've received from users.

If you're finding that your bank isn't displaying an account available to share that you expect, please check the rectification schedule for your bank to see if the problem is listed there, along with a timeframe for the bank to fix it. If not, we'd recommend getting in touch with your bank to enquire why the given account(s) are not available for you to share via the CDR.

Sharing business, corporate and trust accounts

Basiq have advised us that in general, business and trust accounts which are accessible via your regular personal online banking credentials should be available to you, but may require you to talk to the bank and ask that they enable sharing for the business account. We've seen this happen with Commbank, and expect that the same would apply for other banks as well.

If you have business or trust bank accounts that you expect to be able to share with Pocketsmith, please call your bank and ask that the bank enable CDR data sharing for the accounts which are missing. If they are not able to do so, please get in touch and let us know so that we're able to make a record of which banks are not allowing sharing of which account types.

Super accounts may not be available

Dedicated superannuation providers are unavailable via the CDR at this point, as the priority of services receiving legislated CDR covered started with banks, and now will move onto consumer data for energy providers, then telecommunication providers, and then finally superannuation providers. This means that no timeframe can be provided for allowing access to dedicated superannuation providers via the CDR - however non-CDR syncing is still available for most providers.

With respect to superannuation accounts within CDR-covered banks, the picture is murkier, with some banks offering sharing of superannuation accounts even without the law requiring it. For this reason, we suggest that if your superannuation account isn't available to share with PocketSmith, give your bank a call to see whether it is able to be enabled.

Adblockers and VPNs

There have been reports that many of the bank's CDR consent flows can be broken by browser adblockers, or by being connected to a VPN when attempting to set up your feeds.

If you experience any issues with feeds seeming to hang during the connection process, we're recommend turning off any adblockers or disconnecting your VPN before trying again. Another alternative will be to use PocketSmith in a private browser window, while connecting your CDR feeds.

While this might be necessary for the initial consent and set up flow, it won't be required on an ongoing basis.

Basiq status page and the Rectification Schedule

There are a couple of links that might be of interest if you're experiencing a quirk in your CDR data being retrieved or there is some sync issue with your bank at the moment.

The Basiq status page provides a list of all banks (termed "bank connectors") success rates, and lists any current and historical issues. This is the primary page to refer to, to see whether there is a major or partial issue with your specific bank at present.

The Rectification Schedule is a page maintained by the CDR governing bodies in Australia, and lists all implementation gaps for all banks. If you have quirks in your data, you might find the problem listed associated with your bank in this list, with a target fix date as well.

There is another Rectification Schedule listing all banks not yet sharing any data under the CDR, however this is a short list (Police Bank trading as Border Bank, BNK Bank, Goldfields Money and Wise Australia).

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