ANZ Connection issues with Akahu

Learn more about using the ANZ goMoney mobile app to establish your bank feed connection via Akahu

What PIN number should I use for my ANZ connection to PocketSmith?

When establishing a bank feed connecting via Akahu, you will need to use the PIN number you have previously set for your ANZ goMoney app.

What if I don't have the ANZ goMoney app?

If you've not set up ANZ goMoney before, you will first need to install this on your mobile device and complete the setup. ANZ has further details on how to install this app here: How to register for ANZ goMoney. During this setup, you will be required to set a pin number; this is the PIN you will use to add a new data connection to PocketSmith via Akahu. 

When you have that PIN available, jump back here to finish adding your bank feed connection: Adding an Akahu connection

Deregister unused devices from your ANZ goMoney app

Your ANZ goMoney app will allow you to register a maximum number of devices. As such, you may encounter a "Too many devices connected" error when adding a new connection via Akahu. To fix this, you will need to deregister any unused devices from within the ANZ goMoney app before proceeding.

In the  ANZ goMoney app, navigate to Settings > Manage Devices. Remove any old devices from there. 

When you have de-registered those unused devices, jump back here to finish adding your bank feed connection: Adding an Akahu connection

The ANZ goMoney app doesn't appear in my app store

ANZ goMoney New Zealand is available from app stores in New Zealand, Australia, or China (iOS only). 

If you have recently moved to one of these regions but cannot see the ANZ goMoney app, you may need first to change your App Store or Google Play country to reflect this. The country on your store determines what applications are available to you. 

iOSChange your country or region code in the App Store on Mac

AndroidHow to change your Google Play country

When you're ready, you can find ANZ has further details on installing this app here: How to register for ANZ goMoney.

I'm not receiving the OnlineCode text message

When you're adding your connection to ANZ via Akahu, ANZ will send you an OnlineCode text message to your registered mobile phone.

If you're having trouble receiving these, we recommended that you check your phone's reception, and ensure that you're able to receive text messages generally.

Another thing to try is to reboot your phone - often this will reconnect to the network, and will mean quicker delivery of the text messages.

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