Adding an asset to Net Worth

The Net Worth page allows you to use PocketSmith to track other financial assets and liabilities that may not have accounts, such as your house and mortgage or car and car loan. If you want an overview of the Net Worth page, check out the article:  Overview of Net Worth.

Adding an asset or liability are similar but with slight differences. For details on adding a liability, see the article: Adding a liability to Net Worth

Steps to add an asset

1. Go to the  the Budgets & Reports menu and select  Net Worth

2. Select  Add Asset from the toolbar

3. Choose they type of asset from: Property, Vehicle, Investment or Other

4. Enter the details of the asset

5. If you want to link the asset to a loan or mortgage, select  Yes to the option "Do you want to manage money owed on this asset?", otherwise select  No

- If you selected Yes, click on the Save & continue button. For more details about the following page see the article:  Manage money owing towards an asset

6. If you select No, you will see another option with the question "Do you want to set interest/depreciation for this asset?" Select either Yes or No

- If you select No, click the  Save button to finish adding the asset and go back to the Net Worth page

- If you select Yes, click the  Save & continue button

7. You can then add interest or depreciation rate to the asset and when it will be applied

8. Click the  Save button to add the asset to your Net Worth report

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