Multi-currency features available in beta

At present, multi-currency support in PocketSmith focuses on displaying converted currency balances for your accounts, and converting them into the base currency you've selected.

At this stage, forecast data is the largest area that hasn't yet been addressed - see a full list of caveats here.

Core Currency Conversion information

When you have an account that is different from your base currency, you'll be shown a tooltip next to the balance where it is displayed. This shows you up-to-date conversion information. The balances are converted as at the last balance date of the account, so you always know it is correct.
These balance tooltips will display in the Account Summary, the Net Worth page, and all sidebars in the application that display a balance.

Converted Net Worth and combined balances

When you have multiple currencies, the current balance for a foreign currency account will be converted to the base currency before it is added up. The total balance / net worth figure will display a tooltip which shows the conversions that result in the amount.

Converted category totals

Most core category / transaction analysis has had multi-currency support added.  This excludes some budgeting features, which will have multi-currency support early in 2015.

So far, the dashboard pie chart and the actuals columns of the Cashflows and Income & Expense report have been updated for multi-currency support.
In these cases, sums of transactions that belong to an account with a foreign currency will be added up, and then converted to the base currency before the final totalling. This means that even if you reside in New Zealand but use a USD paypal account, spending in USD will be converted to NZD before being displayed.
A caveat at this stage is that these conversions will always happen as at today, not when the transaction occurred. This is noted for improvement in future releases.

Showing balances in base currency, instead of native

If you just want to see all your account balances in your base currency, you can choose to select the Show balances in base currency instead of native? option. This is set in Settings > User Preferences, in the Currency area.  This saves you from having to look at a tooltip to find what the base currency value is.
This switches around the values in the tooltips with those in the front end - meaning you're shown the converted base currency value first, with the actual value in the native currency in the tooltip.

Extensive currency support list

Our conversion data provider features a large number of currencies from all around the world. In addition, they have a number of non-fiat-currency conversion rates available too, and these are available to you in PocketSmith now.
Some highlights of this are conversion rates for Bitcoin (BTC), gold (XAU, troy ounces) and silver (XAG, troy ounces). One caveat for BTC balances is that we currently support just 2 decimal places, and so small ╬╝BTC holdings won't be able to be added yet.
For more information on the current caveats for multi-currency support, check out this user guide.

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