Caveats and to-dos for multi-currency beta

Multi-currency is a feature which appears to be simple initially, but then gets more complicated the more you dig into things; especially with an application as large as PocketSmith.
In order to release the essential parts of full multi-currency support, we decided to release the first cut while listing notes about what doesn't quite work yet. All of these will be resolved in time, however we wanted to release the most important part of the the equation first - balance conversions.
Below are the primary features of full multi-currency support that are currently missing.

Historical closing balances and amounts

Likewise, in the Bank Statements transaction table, historical amounts and balances are not converted, even if the "Show balances in base currency instead of native" option is selected. The correct currency code will appear in Bank Statements, however currency conversions won't take place.
For the same reason as the above, we didn't want to compromise on providing transaction date correct conversions - which means we've avoided converting those figures in the interim.

Budgets section, and budget data elsewhere

The Budgets page does not yet feature conversions of amounts between different currencies, nor the conversion of category sums like on Cashflows and Income and Expense summary. Additionally, budget totals are not yet converted.
This page is in a state of flux at the moment, with a target to move the analysis graphs featured here into the Bank Statements view. This movement will be happening very soon, and so for the moment multi-currency support has not been added to the Budget analysis page.
In addition, budget totals (such as on the Cashflows page, and on the Income and Expense report) do not yet feature any currency conversions. Actual transaction sums are always converted to base currency, but budgets sums are not yet converted.

No custom currencies yet

Some people may feel restricted with the currency rates from our provider, or may want to use a custom currency symbol for their account. We intend on adding support for this in the future, however for the moment the currencies and symbols available will be dictated by our rate provider.

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