Caveats and to-dos for multi-currency beta

Multi-currency is a feature which appears to be simple initially, but then gets more complicated the more you dig into things; especially with an application as large as PocketSmith. We have released multi-currency support in different stages and listing here what doesn't quite work yet. All of these will be resolved in time but we wanted to release the most important parts of multi-currency first. 
Below are the primary features of full multi-currency support that are currently missing. 

No custom currencies

Some people may feel restricted with the currency rates from our exchange rate provider or may want to use a custom currency symbol for their account. We intend on adding support for this in the future, however, for the moment the currencies and symbols available will be dictated by our exchange rate provider.

Support for two decimal places only

PocketSmith is only able to display two decimal places for all currencies. This means that currencies that are meant to display with a different number of decimal places will all show with two decimal places. This will be a significant issue for currencies that have a lot of decimal places (e.g. Bitcoin) as they will be rounded to two decimal places.

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