Introduction to multi-currency support in PocketSmith

Multi-currency support in PocketSmith is currently in beta, and will continue to be improved upon.
Our focus for this stage is converting primary balances between accounts, so you can get a consolidated, one-currency view of your net worth across all currencies. This was the requirement that we'd heard most frequently, and so the beta delivers this as a base for complete multi-currency support as time goes on.

Resources and further reading

If you haven't set up multi-currency support, you can learn how to do so in this user guide here.
A complete feature list of what multi-currency support can be found in this user guide which discusses all features of the multi currency beta.
Finally, the gaps in PocketSmith's support for multi currency can be found in this user guide on the current caveats and to-dos.

We look forward to getting the last of multi-currency support rounded out, and in the meantime if you have any questions or comments please get in touch.

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