PocketSmith's in-app messenger

PocketSmith's in-app messenger allows us to keep you informed of important information - such as new features, updates and bank feed issues that may be affecting your account. This user guide shows you where to find the in-app messenger and how to use it 📩

In this user guide

Alerts and where to find the in-app messenger

If you've received any new in-app messages from us you'll see a red badge, indicating that there are unread messages waiting in your inbox.

To access the in-app messenger simply click on the envelope icon.

The in-app messenger will appear in the right-hand portion of your screen.

Types of in-app message

There are two different tabs within the PocketSmith messenger inbox:  Notifications and News

To move between tabs, just click on the tab title. If the title is underlined by a purple bar - then this is the tab you are currently viewing


The Notifications tab is where you'll receive messages regarding bank feed issues that may affect your PocketSmith account.

We'll do our best to send updates on bank feeds issues as they arise so this is a great place to check for progress on the resolution of any bank feed issues that may be affecting you.


The News tab is where'll you'll receive newsletters and information regarding improvements and the introduction of new features to PocketSmith.

  • To view any message, just click on it, and it will expand. 

  • To return to the inbox view, click the arrow in the top left corner.
  • To close the in-app messenger, and return to using your PocketSmith account click on the X in the top right corner

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