PocketSmith's color display

Learn how to change the PocketSmith color theme 🌈  

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Changing the PocketSmith color theme

If you're not a fan of the PocketSmith purple, you can change the color to the legacy color theme of past PocketSmith.

Currently, this option is only available to users who are beta testers. Learn more here:  How do I become a beta tester?

Head to  Settings >  User preferences
Select Legacy from the Theme Settings drop-down menu

Select  Save and reload

Your account will reload, and the color theme will now look like this:


The 'legacy' theme is not as developed as our 'default' theme. As such, the experience with the 'legacy' theme may not be as consistent as using the 'default' theme. 

Color blindness and the colors used in PocketSmith

If you are color blind, there are few areas in PocketSmith where it may be hard to see specific detail due to the  colors used.

If you are using Chrome as your web browser, you may want to try the Color Enhancer Chrome extension made by Google. We have heard from  color- blind users that this really helps to see differences in the  colors, improving visibility within the app.

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