Automatically marking transfer transactions

PocketSmith will try to automatically mark your transfer transactions so that you don't need to do this  manually or with Filters

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How automatic transfer marking works

Automatic transfer marking analyzes your transactions to find and then mark both the income and expense transactions that match a transfer between accounts. This is based on a complex matching rule that compares the amounts, dates, merchant names and accounts of the transactions.

For example, a $100 credit transaction occurring on January 5th in one of your accounts, will likely be matched with a $100 debit transaction occurring on January 4th in another of your accounts. Both transactions will then be automatically marked as a transfer.

Turn off automatic transfer marking

It isn't currently possible to turn this off from within PocketSmith but we are planning to add this in the future. In the meantime, if you would like to turn off automatic transfer marking, please get in touch and we'll make this change for you.

Transfers that haven't been automatically marked by PocketSmith

PocketSmith won't mark transactions as transfers if it determines them to be in conflict with one another. Transfers are seen as conflicted when there is more than one possible match for a given transaction. For example, if you had two debit transactions within a day or so of each other, and one credit on the same day, PocketSmith might not be able to determine confidently which of the debits should be associated with the credit.

PocketSmith will attempt to resolve these conflicts through inspecting merchant descriptions and stored account numbers. If PocketSmith cannot resolve these conflicts through these means, then it'll err on the side of caution and leave the transactions unmarked as transfers.

A way to resolve these conflicts manually is to search for possible transfers on the Transactions page. Just head to the Transactions page, use the Tools menu, and choose Possible transfers. This will show all possible transfers based on a simpler matching algorithm, and lets you quickly track down transactions that were considered conflicted when they were imported.

Reviewing transactions that have been automatically marked as a transfer

You can review transactions marked as transfers on the Awaiting confirmation section of the Transactions page. If you have any transactions you'd like to unmark as a transfer you can do this here.

Your transaction review settings allow you to chose whether you'd like to review these types of transactions. 

Change the transaction review setting

Go to  User Preferences - Settings > User Preferences
Click Transaction reviewing in the side-menu
Check or un-check the option:  I want to review transfers automatically detected by PocketSmith
Click Save

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